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В администрации президента призывают использовать Rust.

26 февраля на сайте Администрации Президента США (Белого Дома), был опубликован пресс-релиз, в котором призывается пользоваться языками, безопасно работающими с памятью, такими, как Rust.

>According to experts, both memory safe and memory unsafe programming languages meet these
requirements. At this time, the most widely used languages that meet all three properties are C and C++, which are not memory safe programming languages. Rust, one example of a memory safe programming language, has the three requisite properties above, but has not yet been proven in space systems. Further progress on development toolchains, workforce education, and fielded case studies are needed to demonstrate the viability of memory safe languages in these use cases. In the interim, there are other ways to achieve memory safe outcomes at scale by using secure building blocks. Therefore, to reduce memory safety vulnerabilities in space or other embedded systems that face similar constraints, a comple

Также в пресс-релизе упоминается любопытная деталь:

In line with two major themes of the President’s National Cybersecurity Strategy released nearly one year ago, the report released today takes an important step toward shifting the responsibility of cybersecurity away from individuals and small businesses and onto large organizations like technology companies and the Federal Government that are more capable of managing the ever-evolving threat. This work also aligns with and builds upon secure by design programs and research and development efforts from across the Federal Government, including those led by CISA, NSA, FBI, and NIST.

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