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Вышел Cyrus IMAP 3.8beta

Собственно, вышел, можно качать, ставить, и радоваться.

Из улучшений:

  •   Adds the ability for replication to stage message uploads to the archive partition rather than the spool partition.
  •   Adds long-options support to various command line tools
  •   Adds a new BYTESIZE smart type for imapoptions that set sizes
  •   Removes empty lines from cyr_expire(8) verbose output. If you parse this output with external tools, those may need updating to match.
  •   Adds a module to ptloader which speaks HTTP. See the "pts_module" and "httppts_uri" options in imapd.conf(5).
  •   Adds support for IMAP Multimailbox Search (RFC 7377).
  •   Adds support for IMAP Saved Search Results (RFC 5182).
  •   Advertise support for IMAP URL-PARTIAL (RFC 5550).
  •   Implements the JMAP calendars specification (draft-ietf-jmap-calendars). See the "jmap_guesstz_fname" option in imapd.conf(5).
  •   Adds support for a new read-only \Scheduled mailbox that contains emails created via JMAP EmailSubmission/set that are to be sent at a later date/time. Also extends the JMAP EmailSubmission object with optional instructions for moving the message into another mailbox after it has been sent.
  •   Maps JMAP CalendarEvent privacy to the newly introduced iCalendar X-JMAP-PRIVACY property rather than CLASS. See JMAP/CalDAV changes in the upgrade instructions.
  •   Improves error handling and reporting from mbexamine(8). If you have custom tooling that calls mbexamine, it may need updating.
  •   Sieve: Remove support for creating scripts with the deprecated imapflags capability and mark / unmark actions. See Sieve changes in the upgrade instructions.
  •   Lock ordering fixes should result in fewer "resource deadlock avoided" errors

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